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  • Pin To Pipe Welding Machines | Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • Pin To Pipe Welding Machines | Manufacturers - Kirpekar

Pin to Pipe Welding

Technical Specifications

  • The equipment uses a 15kVA AC spot welding machine.
  • The electrodes are adapted to have a self centering motion with both moving electrodes.
  • The machine consisting of a special welding head, the transformer, operator pendent etc.. are mounted on a carriage that is moved
  • The movement is motorized and assisted with a rack and pinion arrangement and guide shafts for carriage.
  • The application involves welding of a steel tube to copper plated pins.
  • Tube Size-34 mm Ǿ
  • Pitch between pins is 75 mm, and the start stop is automatic. The pin sensing for the welding point is detected through an optical sensor.
  • Length of the tube is  8 meters
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