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  • LV Foil Winding Machine | Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • LV Foil Winding Machine | Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • LV Foil Winding Machine | Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • LV Foil Winding Machine | Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • LV Foil Winding Machine | Manufacturers - Kirpekar

LV Foil Winding Machine

Technical Specifications

Kirpekar make Foil Winding machine are completely customizable to meet the end user requiremnt. The integrated modular design allow user for various configurations with multiple foils, insulation types , coil shapes etc. Kirpekar Foil Winding machine allows efficient production and offers excellent operating comfort.

Key Features
  • PC Based HMI, Programmable control system with remote troubleshooting
  • Dancer arm/ roller for tight and compact foil lyering in rectangular coils.
  • High constant foil tension independent of coil shape and size
  • Tig welding technology
  • Automatic and manual run features
Technical specifications
1) Conductor strip/foil un-winder (Copper or Al)
Number of foil. . 1 (Single foil)
Hydraulic expandable mandrel of un-coiler. 360 to 420 mm
Thickness of Al foil. 0.5 to 3 mm
Thickness of Copper foil 0.3 to 2.0 mm
Foil width. 200 to 800 mm
Inside diameter foil roll. 380 to 400 m/m
Outside diameter foil roll. 1050 mm (max)
Weight of foil roll 1500kg max.
2) Insulating un-winder
Insulation width. 200 to 850 mm
Inside diameter insulation rolls. 70 to 76 mm
Outside diameter of Insulation rolls. 400 mm (max)
Number of Insulation rolls. 2
Braking Pneumatic Braking
3) Edge Strip Units
Number of unit. 2 sets of 3 rolls adjustable to full winding width
Inside diameter edge strip roll. 70 to 76mm
Outside diameter edge strip roll. 400mm(max)
Edge strip width. 5 to 30mm
4) Cutting device (Foil & interlayer Insulation)
Number of unit. 2 sets separate for foil & paper
Cutting length 850mm
Cutting speed 0.1 to 1mtr/m adjustable
5) Coil Winder (Head stock)
Distance between centers. 1000 to 1550mm adjustable tail stock
Loading between centers. 2500kg max including former weight
Height above floor. 900 or 1000 mm
Speed range. 0 – 20 RPM
Torque 8000 N/M
Tailstock Morse Taper. MT-05 or equivalent
Main drive. 15kw-AC motor with frequency converter or as per design
Panel Embedded & mounted on headstock for easy access
6) Welding (without the Air. gas gage & bottle)
Welding type. TIG. Suitable for Al & Copper
Welder current. 50 to 200A Adjustable (AC & DC with cooling)
Welding length. 900mm in single stroke with suitable feed speed
Feed Adjustable 0.1 to 1mtr/m
7) Coil (Winding)
Diameter. 1000mm (max)
Shape Round or rectangular (max size 1000mm)
Width. 800mm (max including end insulation)
Lead bar width. 40 to 120 mm
Lead bar thickness. 0.5 to 16 mm
Winding width with lead bar 300 to 1000 mm
8) Rating
Operation voltage. 415V (+/-10%) 3Phases 50c/s 4Wire
Input Air pressure. 6 bar
Power requirement Max 20KW
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